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The one with the first post

Everyone keeps asking if I'm okay with them all going to London and leaving me here with the pregnant one. Of course I'm okay, I say. But am I? Not really. Ross is going to marry Emily. Perfect, beautiful, British Emily, and I'm still going to be stuck in New York alone with a pregnant lady that keeps yelling orders!

I just got home from shopping. Pheobe made me realize that I still have feelings for Ross (I hate it when I'm left out like this) and I tried to drown all my troubles with a credit card, but it didn't seem to work that way. Since when do I still have feelings for Ross? I didn't know that! I'm tired of being flaky Rachel, "Oh she just wouldn't understand..." The hell I wouldn't! Next time you all know that I have feelings for Ross, let me know! Thanks.

I'll leave you with my shopping purchases.

Green suede jacket from Saks Fifth Avenue
Brown heel boots from Barney's
2 blouses from Bloomingdale's
5 pairs of underwear from Victoria's Secret

1 maxed out credit card.

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