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Joey is SO annoying me by saying that. I'm all packed and ready to go to London for Ross and Emily's wedding. Can't believe they're getting married so soon. It's been what six weeks? some condoms. I plan to hook up in London. Maybe I'll fall in love. *laughs* Yeah right.

I was waiting for Joey to finish packing so I decided to talk to the chick and the duck.

"Look guys, I know you want to come along too, but you can't. Animals are not allowed to be taken out of international airports. And I don't want to keep you guys in the cargo load."

The duck quacked.

"I would take you if I could. But we wouldn't be able to take you to the wedding. I'm sorry."

The chick flapped its wings.

"Don't get snippy with me. Now the rules...1) No wild parties while we're gone. 2) Don't open the door for strangers. 3) No women either...I know your buxom young birds but we have rules in this house."

"What are you doing," Joey asked me as he came out of the room.

"Setting the ground rules for while we're gone."

"Oh...okay. Don't forget to tell them to leave the beer alone."

"Rule touching our beer. Aunt Phoebe and Aunt Rachel will be coming over to feed and check on you guys."

"Ready to go? LONDON BABY!"

"Could you stop saying that?"


I had to sit by Monica on the plane...I was really going to end up killing Joey if I had to sit by him. So I let Ross sit by him.

So taht's it for now...I leave you with the Chandler Joke of the Day:

Flight Attendant: Peanuts?
Me: Yes please...the Snoopy if you have it.

I know lame. I'm better on the ground.

- Chandler
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